How to secure accounts and data in MEMO hotel management software ?

1. How to secure user accounts in MEMO hotel management software ?
  • User must login into software by valid user account and password.
  • User password is encrypted, can not be decrypted. User contact to system administrators to get lost password.
  • Install packages and user guides are stored in hotel’s server.
2. How to backup and restore data ?

Data is stored in hotel’s server.
It’s a main diffrence between offline software and online software. Online software based on cloud computing technology and hotel’s data is stored in online service provider’s servers. Servers placed in Vietnam datacenter or foreign datacenter. It will make customers worry about the software stability and the speed of internet transmission.

Daily backup schedule at specific time (hotel low traffic work recommended).
Clients can backup hotel data to server hard disk or to portable hard disk (recommended).

In case of wrong server, new lastest data backup file (on portable hard disk) will be restored on hotel temporary server.