MEMO Apartment Management Software

1. The necessity of apartment management software – MEMO APARTMENT

Nowadays, more and more buildings are being offered for rent in various sizes. In addition, large hotel rooms also offer a limited number of rooms in the hotel for long-term guests.
If the customer has a small number of apartments, the need to use management software is not necessary.
However, we will try to calculate a customer with four buildings located in different places with a total of 100 apartments are long-term tenants :
Each guest has a different lease at:
– Lease time
– Water and electricity policy : is free of charge or payable depending on the actual usage or the amount of the limit has been exceeded to be agreed in the contract
– Payment agreement: 3 months, 6 months or months, years, …
– Time of payment: may be the beginning of the month, the end of the month or any day of the month depending on the contract
– Time for service charge
– Debt collection time
– Partner commission policy
– Property card when renting an apartment

It can be seen that some major difficulties will be encountered when not using the software:
– Guest information is managed by paper, excel file
– There are no warnings, automatic reminders. To determine the work to do, it must look in the paper or excel file. Therefore, if staff do not carefully structure the document and excel files scientifically, it will take a long time, can be confused.
– It takes time to manage partners, partner commissions
– Difficulties in property management and maintenance
– It takes time to make statistics, report the total revenue each building, …

2. Overview of apartment management software – MEMO APARTMENT

– Apply for the long-stay apartment building model
– Support to manage the chain of buildings, apartment chain
– Interface Vietnamese, English, easy to modify and expand according to the specific requirements of customers
– Detailed user authority to each function, each report in the software
– Save user actions history
– Automatic backup data daily
– Functional system is authority according to user groups, departments
– The reporting system consists of multiple aggregate forms, detailed design according in many management criteria, report can export excel, pdf, ….
– Support customer management of buildings – apartment remotely on smartphone, tablet
– Unlimited number of computers installed
– Permanent license, 01 year warranty, free trial 01 month

3. Video demo of apartment management software – MEMO APARTMENT

4. Image of apartment management software – MEMO APARTMENT

phần mềm quản lý tòa nhà căn hộ
Main screen
phần mềm quản lý tòa nhà căn hộ
Function screen
phần mềm quản lý tòa nhà căn hộ
Application on tablets and smartphones