How to manage staffs and operate hotels and resorts efficiently.

To operate and manage a good from small hotels to luxury hotels and resorts is the headache of the directors and the managers.
In today’s article, ITCS.VN would like to introduce you to some of the ways of managing human resources and operating a hotel or resort that can effectively apply to all models from small to large.

1. Adjust personnel appropriate travel season
Each tourist site in the provinces and cities have different tourist season at different times in a year. In the low season of local tourism, the demand for tourists will decrease and instability will lead to redundancy of staff, personnel costs in the low season increase, and sales decline.
Based on the tourist season of each locality, in each hotel, resort, we will recruit some key personnel to maintain the continuous management of the hotel. In the high season of tourism hotel, we may add some seasonal staffs.

2. Optimize sales through OTAs and travel agencies local travel agents or other cities and provinces companies.
Some OTAs prestige and reputation as Experia,, Agoda, Priceline … has formed a marketing channel largely to support the sale of rooms for the hotels, resorts, hostels and homestays in the world, including Vietnam. Once the person booking and service users from the OTAs said: “We never book hotels easy time traveling to this, all the problems of time, price and select rooms are very comfortable and flexible anywhere. ” Thus, these mid-market sales channels provide the market with an extremely modern technology that enables hotels to sell rooms faster than ever.
In addition, the hotels and resorts link and create relationships with a number of travel agencies, inbound and outbound tourism companies, The number of rooms they need for a hotels usually from several rooms to several dozen rooms. Linking with these objects helps hotels sell quickly and efficiently in a short time.

3. Operating hardware and software systems are an integral part of managing hotels and resorts
In order to operate the hotel and resort easily, also need to have the machine system to help the staff of the hotel and resort operation easier.
System of servers, workstations, cameras, magnetic locks (smartlocks) and hotel management software :
Magnetic locks are a kind of smartlock that is indispensable in today’s hotels, managing the guests go in and go out room of hotel.
The camera system can monitor all activities of the hotel and can be monitored remotely when not present at the hotel.
Hotel management software system is installed at the server and link to the workstation in the hotel. The hotel management software system must be connected to the smartlock system to optimize the management and prevent loss of maximum for hotel. In addition , the hotel management software system should also be connected to the Channel Manager (Channel Manager is the OTAs channels such as Agoda,, Experdia …), the connection of hotel management software system with Channel Manager will help reduce the time for hotel’s reservation staff and also make the sale easy to sell on more than 300 OTAs.
By: MEMO Hotel&Resort management system