Are you Cut Out for Resort Work? What Makes a Good Employee?

Are you Cut Out for Resort Work?

Although it sounds like a vacation, working at a beach resort or any resort hotel is hard work and requires dedication from its staff, whether you are employed on a seasonal or full time basis. There are certain aspects to working at a resort that you might not like, but at the same time there are parts that you will love – it all depends on your personality. So, let’s take a look at some of the aspects that make a good resort worker and what you need to be aware of before you get involved in this line of work that could be a potential drawback.

A resort Human Resources Director told us what she looks for when making a hire:

What Makes a Good Employee?

Resort work is customer service orientated, so this must be the main element about it that you enjoy. Here are some of the things that current and former resort employees working in the UK feel is very important to be able to do this kind of work:

  • “Resort workers have to be easy going, hard working, team players, who are there to have fun and work hard.”
  • “Fun, friendly, outgoing, hardworking people.”
  • “Outgoing people make the best resort workers – people who are fun and up for meeting new people, making friends with new people every day and those who are up for new experiences.”
  • “To be a good resort worker, you definitely need lots of enthusiasm. You’ve also got to be resourceful, able to hit the ground running and not scared of whatever crossed your path. To remain calm as well, but of course you are always working for a company where have paid to come on holiday so customer service has got to be really top notch as well – everyone has paid to come away and have a good time and you owe it to them to let them experience a really good time.”
  • “Being a relaxed person who is not too serious make the best resort workers, as your relaxed attitude will make the guests feel comfortable, especially if you are an instructor of any kind working with people every day and sometimes seeing them when they are out of their comfort zones. “
  • “You need to have a lot of patience and you’ve got to be happy and chatty and you have to want to be there for your guests. You have to be able to get up at any time of the morning no matter how late you got in the night before and still be smiling and happy.”
  • “The best resort workers are lively and really active and customer service is the big, key thing in this line of work.”
  • “People who are up for a good time and who want to have an experience, but who are not doing this work solely to make money – resort work is not really for that.”
  • “People with energy, because its lots of hard work – its good fun, but hard work with late nights and early mornings.”
  • “You need to be very organized and ready to solve problems that arise with reservations, activity schedules, and with people’s rooms.”

A manager of a ski resort comments about what he likes to see in his employees: “Fairly steady people – you can’t be volatile because of the nature of the job and you’ve got to be ready to just get on with it. I’d much rather have people working for me that just got on with the job, no questions asked, just to do the work, and maybe come and speak to me after your shift if you have a problem with anything.”

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