MEMO Telephone Billing Software

1. The necessity of telephone management software – MEMO PBX

In fact, when applying MEMO management software to hotels and resorts, users often focus on:
Hotel – resort management software (MEMO FO) for reception, sales, housekeeping, accountant, manager, technical
Restaurant, bar, coffee management software (MEMO POS) for cashier, accountant, manager
– Accounting software (MEMO BO) for accountant, manager
– Connect card door lock, channel manager, …
Which are less interested in using the telephone billing software. This is because:
– The telephone billing software charges fully automatic and automatically connect to the hotel software.
– Guests rarely use a desk phone in the room to make phone calls outside.
– Some hotels and resorts only allow the use of telephone in the room for internal call (call reception), not allowed to call outside. In this case, the hotel does not need to use the telephone billing software.
However, for hotels – resorts that allow guests to use the telephone in the room to call outside, the use of telephone billing software (MEMO PBX) is necessary:
– Guests who end the call will be charged a fee. Excluding this charge fee will be lost revenue, if sum 1 months, this revenue is not less.
– Some hotels and resorts when setup the telephone system usually buy or free 01 billing software of the telephone system supply unit.
However, if use only this software without using the MEMO PBX software, hotel will encounter the following problem:
This software works completely independently and is not linked to any hotel software, so when the guest in room finishes the call, the receptionist must check the amount of charges in the software (corresponding to the room number) and enter the amount into the receivables account of that room on the hotel software.
This is extremely hard because:
+ Reception staff can not always watch on the software of the telephone system provider to filter out the call of guest in room.
Usually, if using the software of the telephone system provider, when checkout guest, the reception staff will check a call of guests on the telephone system software.However, it will take a lot time to search through the list of many hotel calls but need to checkout fast to guests

2. Overview of telephone billing management software – MEMO PBX

– Applicable to all types of telephone system for hotels and resorts
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– Interface Vietnamese, English.
– Unlimited number of extension
– Unlimited telecommunication services
Telephone billing software manages many telecommunication services (international, mobile, inter-provincial …). Users can add new telecommunications services into the software or adjust the rates for each service or each one. The foreign currency configuration is used to calculate charges (for example, domestic calls are charged in Vietnamese dong, international calls are in USD dollars)
– Unlimited number of computers install. The computer at the reception desk will be install MEMO PBX software
– Fully automated telephone charge fee mechanism. Automatic linkage with hotel management software MEMO FO
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Outbound calls (inter-provincial, international, mobile, etc.) are divided into two types: calls from departmental numbers in the hotel (1) and calls from guests (2) (in-room telephone)
For call (1): the automatic telephone billing software will not transfer money to hotel management software
For calls (2): the software automatically charges fee and automatically transfers the charge to the corresponding account of guest in room on the hotel management software as a “telephone fee”
– Report system: consists of multiple aggregate forms, by extension, department, report can export excel, pdf, ….
– Has a warning function for users : warnphone number being called undeclared (new telecommunication service not configured in the software)
– Detailed user authority to each function, each report in the software
– Automatic backup data daily
– Permanent license

3. Another information

a. Guest use the desk telephone at reception
If guest use the telephone in the room to call outside, the software will automatically calculate the charge and forward the charge to hotel management software. However, if the guest does not use the telephone in the room, guest uses the desk phone at the reception, after the guestend the call, the reception staff will check telephone fee on the screen of MEMO PBX software then input into hotel management software 1 trancsaction “telephone fee”
b. How to check whether telephone system is transferring data to computer ?
To use the telephone billing software, the computer and the telephone system must have a data connection cable through the COM or IP port (usually,the telephone system setup unit will supply and install the cable).To check whether the telephone system data transfer to the computer have any problems or not, the telephone system technician can use the HyperTerminal software.
In some cases, the telephone system data does not transfer to the computer:
– Not configured in telephone system
– Data line is faulty
– The connection port of the computer is faulty

4. Picture the main screen of the telephone billing management software – MEMO PBX

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