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Remote control in tablets, smartphones, laptops or PCs

support and warranty

Support 24/7, warranty 01 year, free update, free trial version


Apply for different models such us : hotel, resort, apartment or combine of hotel and apartment


Using the latest technology. Easy to connect hotel lock or channel manager (more than 300 channels)


Run on laptops or PCs, tablets, smartphones. Not depend on Windows versions, tablet browsers or smartphone browsers



How do I join

Signing up to work with us is easy. Here’s an overview of the steps you’ll need to go through: Register your property on our sign-up page. We’ll then review your registration to make sure we have all the info we need. You’ll receive an email with login details for the admin dashboard (the Extranet) and an email with a link to create your personal password. You’ll then...
bán phòng trên agoda

How to register and list your hotel with Agoda

Are you looking to register your property on Agoda with a view to increasing your revenue and visibility? As a complement to renowned booking websites, Agoda is a strong OTA that is increasing its reputation in Europe, Asia and is a great alternative for hotels and properties from around the world. Agoda belongs to parent company Priceline Group, of which  is part as well....

10 Basic things a hotel must offer guests.

Some of the most imaginative hotels (in terms of design and amenities) are being developed around the world. From underwater hotels to treetop hideaways, new properties are pushing the boundaries of what a typical hotel experience should feel like. Not matter how much hotels innovate, there are still some "basic" requirements that all properties should meet to make their experiences both welcoming and comforting to...


7 Places Where a Hotel Is Cheaper Than an Airbnb

If you’re looking to find the least expensive accommodations in a destination regardless of what kind of accommodation it is, you might be surprised to learn that Airbnb isn’t always the cheapest. A new study from Compare the Market shows that hotels can sometimes beat Airbnb prices. The study covered the average Airbnb vs. hotel rates (per night) in 52 important destinations around the world. Airbnb vs Hotel: Where...
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Are you Cut Out for Resort Work? What Makes a Good Employee?

Are you Cut Out for Resort Work? Although it sounds like a vacation, working at a beach resort or any resort hotel is hard work and requires dedication from its staff, whether you are employed on a seasonal or full time basis. There are certain aspects to working at a resort that you might not like, but at the same time there are parts that...

What’s in a Hotel Guarantee?

I recently purchased an upcoming 2,200-mile roundtrip flight for $152 — that’s 14 cents a mile. You can barely drive your car for that price these days! On the same trip, every night I stay at my hotel I will hand over the same amount I spend for the entire roundtrip flight just for the right to lock up my suitcase and lie down...